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Hop on over to the ABOUT page to learn more or read MY STORY and let’s get to know each other better.

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Words From the Tribe

  • It was a great presentation. Kirsty was very personable, friendly and informative. Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend the workshop.

    Kathy Brown
  • I really enjoyed Kirsty’s workshop on gut health. She shared tonnes of information in a fun and friendly manner, helping to demystify everything from kefir to colonics.

    Connie Allen
  • Content was fantastic. Very easy to understand and delivered very clearly.

    Tracey Davis
  • Amazing session – very informative!

    Georgia Boyles
  • As a fan of food, a self-certified cook and always striving for a healthier lifestyle, I thought I was doing it all right. Having met Kirsty she has opened up a whole new perspective on how I see and use ‘real’ food. I feel there is so much more to learn but the changes I’ve made so far with her help has been so noticeable. It’s a great feel good journey to be on. Blessed to have crossed her path.

    Claire Prior
  • It was a jam packed session – really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

    Anne Elliot
  • Have really enjoyed your recipes each night, my favourite by far is the creamy mushroom, broccoli and kelp noodles! I am really well, I was really concerned about gaining weight after giving up the smokes, however following some of your recipes, utilising my essential oils, cutting out all bad sugar and doing Zumba each day I am feeling fantastic, my skin looks better and I am just feeling renewed and I can actually see a massive difference in my weight – yay!!! Thanks for the fantastic articles, knowledge and recipes.

    Narelle Giddins
  • You taught me more than “experts” who charge lots of money for 1 hour sessions. Keep up this great work please! Such good information. You have done all the research for us and have pulled it all together.

    Your session was very practical and real and it was great to hear from someone who can explain issues in everyday terms.

    Ainsley Robertson

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Who else has a hard time fading out all the "noise"....Dr Google, Health Professionals that seem to know more about your body than you do, your inner voice that questions everything?

Is it any wonder we can't HEAR what our body needs to heal and get well again? I spent most of the last 6 years afraid and lost in my thoughts, desperately seeking answers from EVERYONE ELSE except myself!

The first step to getting better and healing your gut is learning to trust yourself again.....to follow your intuition!!!

Symptoms aren't your enemies, they're your allies.......they're there to get your attention and tell you what to do....LISTEN and healing will come! ♥♥

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A topic close to my heart.....fertility.

We've been unsuccessful in carrying 2 babies since the birth of our daughter 7 years ago. It's been a roller coaster of emotions as I've played the game of "let it go" many times.

I never realised the health of my gut had such a strong link to fertility 🙁

Here's why your gut health is so important for optimised fertility:

1. If you suffer with a "leaky gut" (a damaged intestinal lining which allows substances to leak into your bloodstream), it leads to chronic inflammation and leaves the immune system in a constant state of "warning". This isn't an ideal environment to find yourself in if you're trying to conceive a baby as the body's resources are diverted away from the job of reproduction to protection.

2. If your gut isn't functioning properly, then proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients will not take place. This will disable your gut from extracting the nutrients it needs and can lead to all kinds of nutritional deficiencies meaning you'll barely have enough for you let alone for growing a baby.

3. If you have an imbalance of bacteria in your gut many functions will be suppressed like synthesising nutrients, breaking down toxins, improving immune function, protecting you from harmful bacteria and even regulating your hormones. Good bacteria in your gut do all these things and more but if you have insufficient numbers of beneficial bacteria, it will affect your entire body including your reproductive system.

4. Your vaginal flora helps maintain PH balance at a healthy level and will ward off infections from yeast and other bad bacteria. Frequent vaginal infections, bladder infections or cervical inflammation can be a sign that the body's microbes are out of balance and your gut is not in a good condition nor ready for a baby.

Improving the health of your gut and the balance of bacteria in your gut is key to a healthy pregnancy and baby.

I'll be sharing more on this and how to improve your gut bacteria and chances of fertility on this page and at our Heal Your Gut Workshops. ♥♥

#healyourgutworkshops #gutsymums

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About Me

Hi, I’m Kirsty, born and raised in Sussex, England and now living with my Aussie hubby in Brisbane, Australia since 2006….I’m a lucky girl! We’re parents to our beautiful daughter born in 2010.

In 2012 I was one sick mumma and life threw me a pretty big curveball….continue reading MY STORY here.