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This is a place to feel supported and inspired to new heights of great health as we dive deeper into the realm of gut health. You’ll be astonished at the information you will learn and you’ll find it easier to implement step by step changes into your life for the benefit of you and your family.

Hop on over to the ABOUT page to learn more or read MY STORY and let’s get to know each other better.

With love from one gutsy mumma to another

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  • Have really enjoyed your recipes each night, my favourite by far is the creamy mushroom, broccoli and kelp noodles! I am really well, I was really concerned about gaining weight after giving up the smokes, however following some of your recipes, utilising my essential oils, cutting out all bad sugar and doing Zumba each day I am feeling fantastic, my skin looks better and I am just feeling renewed and I can actually see a massive difference in my weight – yay!!! Thanks for the fantastic articles, knowledge and recipes.

    Narelle Giddins
  • I really enjoyed Kirsty’s workshop on gut health. She shared tonnes of information in a fun and friendly manner, helping to demystify everything from kefir to colonics.

    Connie Allen
  • It was a great presentation. Kirsty was very personable, friendly and informative. Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend the workshop.

    Kathy Brown
  • You taught me more than “experts” who charge lots of money for 1 hour sessions. Keep up this great work please! Such good information. You have done all the research for us and have pulled it all together.

    Your session was very practical and real and it was great to hear from someone who can explain issues in everyday terms.

    Ainsley Robertson
  • Content was fantastic. Very easy to understand and delivered very clearly.

    Tracey Davis
  • Amazing session – very informative!

    Georgia Boyles
  • It was a jam packed session – really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

    Anne Elliot
  • As a fan of food, a self-certified cook and always striving for a healthier lifestyle, I thought I was doing it all right. Having met Kirsty she has opened up a whole new perspective on how I see and use ‘real’ food. I feel there is so much more to learn but the changes I’ve made so far with her help has been so noticeable. It’s a great feel good journey to be on. Blessed to have crossed her path.

    Claire Prior

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Do you ever feel like just a walking-talking supplement??

SERIOUSLY....I do!!!

How many supplements do we need to pop before we'll "FEEL" better??

How many are actually doing what the bottle claims they'll do and contributing to long-term good health and how many are actually being absorbed by our bodies?

I have two major thought processes:

1. If you have leaky gut (which is hinted to be most people due to poor diet and lifestyle)....are the supplements actually being broken down and absorbed the way they need to?


2. Does your body actually recognise anything that comes in a capsule? The brain works beautifully with the natural senses of the body (taste, sight, smell etc)...the act of chewing for example signals the stomach to start producing hydrochloric acid because it knows that there is food about to enter that needs to be broken down so what actually happens when you swallow a "plastic-like" capsule?

I truly believe that supplements, just like pharmaceuticals have been "magnified to monetise". But how much money are we literally flushing down the drain (pun intended) because we have been given false hope that a supplement is ALL WE NEED to make ourselves better?

I don't know about you, but in the 6 years I've been on my health journey, I've become so sick of "popping capsules".

I really believe there are some key questions we can ask ourselves when it comes to supplements.....

1. Are you actually deficient in the supplement you're taking? Have you had tests done to determine what vital minerals and vitamins you're deficient in? Or are you purely supplementing with a whole range of supplements "just in case"?

2. Are you taking wholefood based supplements that are more bioavailable to our bodies or synthetic vitamins that have been made in a lab? Synthetic vitamins only provide isolated or fractionated pieces of the whole vitamin. They don't contain the full benefit that nature intended.

3. If you're already not absorbing the nutrients you need from your food because of an underlying health issue (i.e. leaky gut), don't be misled to believe that you will actually get the maximum benefit from a supplement.

The more I journey on this path, the more I believe in the power of food as medicine and wholefood-based supplements to support the body WHERE required!

SO, when it comes to supplements, here's a quick guide:

1. Try and get as much of your vitamins and minerals out of your food as possible. I call it a JERF diet....JUST EAT REAL FOOD 😉 How can we expect to function if we're eating artificially processed foods that have NO nutrients. Eating a wide variety of real wholefoods (spray free and organic where possible) will give our bodies the best chance to get the maximum nutrients it can from nature.

2. Only use wholefood based supplements that are 100% derived from food sources with no synthetic or artificial fillers. Vitamins from wholefoods come with the additional health benefits of other naturally occurring nutrients including the added micronutrients, cofactors and phytonutrients naturally found in plants and wholefoods that work together to provide you a complete health benefit and “whole” vitamin solution.

3. Only take supplements that you actually need....what are you deficient in? What wholefood supplements can you take that will help with [fill in the blank]??.

And lastly.....

4. Do your research, find herbs and wholefood greens powders that can be added to food or stirred into drinks so that your body can easily identify it as a food source and research what foods will help with your particular issues.

There is so much power in what nature already gave us 🙂 x

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Good gut health is the MOST important aspect of your health. Your gut (and indeed your gut microbiome or as I call them your "good guys") literally regulate and control so many functions of your body from your metabolism to hormones, from your mood to how you assimilate your vitamins and minerals... it is CRUCIAL to have a good balance of good to bad bacteria in your gut in order to have all these functions working effectively.

Since it's #springcleanseptember why not gently cleanse out any bad bacteria in your gut with essential oils. This blend is powerful and effective at killing off candida and pathogenic bacteria.

4 drops Lemon
3 drops Cassia
2 drops Oregano

Add to capsule and take twice a day with meals for 10 DAYS ONLY.

Think of it as a regular parasite cleanse to give your good guys a chance to grow and flourish 😉

* NB protocol for adults only. You can make a DILUTED blend using the same oils and apply topically to your child's tummy every day to help keep worms at bay OR add 1 drop of On Guard oil to 1 tsp honey and give once or twice a day for a week.

#springcleanseptember #guthealth #parasitecleanse #gutsymums

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When a furry cuddle is all you need to make your day brighter 😍😍😍

#guineapigobsessed #myfurbaby #2ndchild #gutsymums 😄

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About Me

Hi, I’m Kirsty, born and raised in Sussex, England and now living with my Aussie hubby in Brisbane, Australia since 2006….I’m a lucky girl! We’re parents to our beautiful daughter born in 2010.

In 2012 I was one sick mumma and life threw me a pretty big curveball….continue reading MY STORY here.