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  • It was a great presentation. Kirsty was very personable, friendly and informative. Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend the workshop.

    Kathy Brown
  • It was a jam packed session – really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

    Anne Elliot
  • You taught me more than “experts” who charge lots of money for 1 hour sessions. Keep up this great work please! Such good information. You have done all the research for us and have pulled it all together.

    Your session was very practical and real and it was great to hear from someone who can explain issues in everyday terms.

    Ainsley Robertson
  • As a fan of food, a self-certified cook and always striving for a healthier lifestyle, I thought I was doing it all right. Having met Kirsty she has opened up a whole new perspective on how I see and use ‘real’ food. I feel there is so much more to learn but the changes I’ve made so far with her help has been so noticeable. It’s a great feel good journey to be on. Blessed to have crossed her path.

    Claire Prior
  • I really enjoyed Kirsty’s workshop on gut health. She shared tonnes of information in a fun and friendly manner, helping to demystify everything from kefir to colonics.

    Connie Allen
  • Amazing session – very informative!

    Georgia Boyles
  • Content was fantastic. Very easy to understand and delivered very clearly.

    Tracey Davis
  • Have really enjoyed your recipes each night, my favourite by far is the creamy mushroom, broccoli and kelp noodles! I am really well, I was really concerned about gaining weight after giving up the smokes, however following some of your recipes, utilising my essential oils, cutting out all bad sugar and doing Zumba each day I am feeling fantastic, my skin looks better and I am just feeling renewed and I can actually see a massive difference in my weight – yay!!! Thanks for the fantastic articles, knowledge and recipes.

    Narelle Giddins

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Gee have I struggled with hormones on and off over the past few years but I've been able to connect the dots that when my gut health is functioning better, my hormones do too.

But you might be asking...what has gut function got to do with hormones?

** STRESS - Cortisol (your flight & fight hormone) suppresses your digestive function (it's like trying to eat while running away from a lion, it doesn't work!!). In the same instance, digestive issues like leaky gut raise your Cortisol levels so it can be a vicious cycle.

** LEAKY GUT - if the intestinal barrier is damaged, toxins and undigested foods can enter the bloodstream and attack the endocrine glands which can then lead to autoimmune diseases.

** NUTRIENT ABSORPTION - hormones need nutrients to work properly. If we can't absorb nutrients properly due to poor gut function, then our hormones don't get what they need either.

** HORMONE METABOLISM - a lot of hormones get metabolised in the gut which then get converted into their active form so if the gut isn't functioning properly metabolism of hormones is impaired also.

** CONSTIPATION - if you're constipated frequently, more hormones (like oestrogen), will re-circulate in your gut instead of being eliminated. This can lead to oestrogen dominance as more oestrogen stays in the bloodstream.

** GUT BACTERIA IMBALANCES - if you don't have a diverse range of gut bacteria, this can cause all sorts of hormonal issues as well as cravings for sugars and carbs which can then lead to insulin and fat storage.

SO...have hormones been playing havoc in your life? It may be time to explore your gut function.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on what you can do to fix your gut in 2018!! 😉 x

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About Me

Hi, I’m Kirsty, born and raised in Sussex, England and now living with my Aussie hubby in Brisbane, Australia since 2006….I’m a lucky girl! We’re parents to our beautiful daughter born in 2010.

In 2012 I was one sick mumma and life threw me a pretty big curveball….continue reading MY STORY here.