GMP 03: All things pooh

Join Emma Walker and I as she shares her own personal journey of dealing with IBS and a life time of gut health issues. We talk about all things pooh as she delves into colonics for optimum gut health and detoxing. Emma Walker is a qualified Health Coach who specializes in gut health and she…

GMP 01: The Gutsy Mums Story

Welcome to the Gutsy Mums podcast. Listen in to the first podcast where my bestie takes us on a journey from the roots of my beginnings from countryside England through my rebellious teenage years and then my travelling twenties where my lifestyle took its toll. We talk with humour and clarity about how lifestyle choices…

Mess or Work In Progress

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve literally fallen into a heap on my journey to wellness and finding my true health. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such mental mess as I have over the last few years. One day feeling great and proud of myself for my food choices and…

Wholefoods On A Budget

To say that becoming healthy is “easy” is…..well, a big fat lie really. Like anything that reaps massive rewards it takes sacrifices, discipline and learning to be wiser with your choices and decisions. Think of getting fit…….is it easy? Heck no, it requires hard slog and dedication. Eating the right way is no different but once you know some “tricks of the trade” you can definitely make it easier for yourself and soon it will be so ingrained as part of your ‘new’ lifestyle that you won’t even realize that it was hard.

Our Journey to Self-Care


So this week was a challenging one. Our little family got very sick. Come Monday Michael came home from work complaining about aches and pains in his body. This is nothing unusual as he rides his mountain bike a lot and quite often has muscle aches if he hasn’t stretched properly after each ride. By late Monday evening, I knew something wasn’t quite right as he was laid up on the sofa with no appetite and abnormally inactive and quiet. He went to bed early and I was left thinking maybe he’d overdone it at the weekend riding and too many late nights.