Welcome beautiful mum. This is my heart space; this is where I share my experiences, reflections and lessons through blogs, videos and podcasts all about restoring gut health and living a vibrant life that is sickness-free just as we all deserve.

It’s about empowering you through information, resources and positivity because, let’s be honest, it takes guts to not only find answers but to then choose to walk the path of true health and wellness until you see results.

Whether you’re a mum with your own health issues and you feel you’ve tried everything and are at the end of your rope, or you’re a mum who is only just discovering some underlying health issues or you even have a child with gut issues, this is a great place for you. It’s a community of like-minded mums all on a mission to restore theirs and their family’s health one step at a time.

But you might be wondering…”what’s this whole gut connection anyway?” I’m so glad you asked because I’ve explained it here: THE GUT CONNECTION (this is super dooper important as I believe it holds the key to true health for EVERYONE).

I’m on a mission to help mums just like you to find the courage to search for answers, to not just accept what you’ve been told by the medical industry, media and your peers. To look within and find the answers you need from your deepest intuition. To rise up and be the awesome mum you were created to be by challenging everything and finding the right path that is intricately linked to you and your family. You are unique and your journey to wellness will be unique too. 

So, I’m Kirsty, a gutsy mum who has been on a journey to healing from the inside out since 2012 (READ MY STORY…it’s pretty crazy!). I’m a researching queen, alternative thinking, advocate for wholefood living and a gut health activist. I’m passionate about anything and everything to do with the gut. More so, I’m passionate about giving you the tools and resources to be able to find your own healing journey by identifying triggers, root causes, environmental factors, lifestyle choices and mindsets that are standing in your way.

This is a bittersweet journey…..one where I have had to learn to let go of control, trust the process, be patient with the setbacks and find a purpose in it all by sharing my voice with you in the hope that it will help you too. So hang in there for an awesome adventure together where we’ll learn, support, grow and inspire one another.

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With love

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