After having gone through a lot of changes in my journey to heal my gut and live a healthier lifestyle, I became more and more conscious of chemicals in our home and medicine cabinet and the effect they were having on our long-term health.

I started out simply by changing over household products like shampoo and conditioner as I learnt about different chemicals and effective ways to reduce them in our home.

At around the same time, a friend kept telling me about how she was using essential oils.  I was certainly curious but I wasn’t yet ready to launch into using them as I was still sceptical and didn’t see the value in investing money into them quite yet.

I guess you could say at that point that fate took over……..repeated bouts of chronic ear infections and severe pain with my then 4 year old daughter left me desperately searching for natural solutions as I had learnt all about the negative effects of antibiotics and didn’t want to put her gut health back to square one.

At that point, I reached out for help and asked the same friend if there was anything that I could use for my daughter’s ear infections. With a smile she looked at me and said “I have something you can try, it’s called basil essential oil, are you willing to give it a go?”

Of course, I was willing to try anything at that stage. I’d seen enough with my daughter’s painful experiences and I just didn’t want her to have to go through this anymore, so I took the sample of basil oil and, as instructed, I placed one drop on a cotton wool ball and placed that into each of her ears and left them in overnight.

The very next day my daughter’s ear infection had indeed dried up and there was no more pain, but being the sceptic I was I thought it was a coincidence. Within a month she experienced two more bouts of ear infections and with each one we followed the same protocol and each time the basil essential oil effectively cleared up the ear infection without having to revert to antibiotics…I was stunned!!

I thought, “Well if basil can work so well for ear infections, what other ailments that we may face can be treated with essential oils?”

I began researching essential oils like a crazy person and soon realized that I was barely scraping the surface. I got excited very quickly and I started to see that there was a way that we could keep our gut healthy, reduce our exposure to chemicals and toxicity and support our family naturally.

Before long I had jumped onto the oily bandwagon and was learning all the different uses for all the different essential oils.  Slowly I begun to build up a collection of my own and I was excited about all the things that I was learning and how easily I could incorporate essential oils into our daily life.

As I was running gut health workshops at the time, I naturally found myself randomly talking about how I was using essential oils and of course people would be lining up afterwards curious about these essential oils and wanting to know more. Hence, our beautiful tribe of like-minded, health conscious people grew.

I’d say that essential oils naturally and authentically found me at the right time in my life and since then I’ve never looked back.

I’ve been amazed at all the testimonies I get back from people all over the world and how these beautiful plant oils have had a massive impact on their family’s lives. And that’s when I realized, I had truly found another passion and I set out to help, educate and empower others on how get essential oils into their lives.

Fast forward a few years and I could tell you story after story about how much essential oils have changed mine, my family’s life and the lives of others in ways I never imagined.

Essential oils are now a daily ritual in our home; from lemon essential oil in a morning detox drink to using On Guard, the protective blend for immune support, or even lavender to help us to sleep and relax.  More importantly, I’m excited that we don’t have to rely upon the medical system anymore as we are now empowered with self-care solutions that really work!

I am healthier for it and I have seen a major difference in my sleep, immune system, digestive system, energy levels and my overall well-being.

And I’m so grateful that my husband jumped on board the oily bandwagon a year after me and now uses essential oils as part of his daily routine as well. Like me, he has also seen major improvements in his mental health and well-being as well as his energy levels and sleep. My daughter, wow….I’m pleased to tell you she hasn’t had a single problem with her ears since that chronic bout of ear infections and the “basil” test. I have definitely noticed that her immune system is so much stronger than before.

I could go on and on with story and story but you would be here all day reading SO for now, let me just say, that if you would like more information about how you too can start your journey with essential oils, please CONTACT ME and I would love to get in touch and help you get started.

With love

Kirsty x