Hi lovely….let me introduce myself…

(yikes, was that really me!!)

I’m Kirsty, born in the UK where I spent the better part of 22 years trying to find my way. In 2003 I gave up finding it there and loaded up a backpack and ventured across the world to Australia for what I thought would be a year of travel, fun, sun, sea and….well you know!!

Little did I know that I would literally meet the man of my dreams (who also happens to be a complete hunk) who captured my heart and moved me over here permanently. That was in 2006 and we’re now living in beautiful Brisbane with our gorgeous daughter born in 2010.

Back in 2012 I became one sick mumma. At the age of just 32 my body literally started to scream at me with symptoms of all kinds.

We had just moved to Brisbane then and I developed a really bad sinus infection and literally could not breathe through my nose. Off to the doctors I went and was put on a back to back course of antibiotics. Well, that sorted that out (or so I thought!!). Not long after that I miscarried our second child at 8 weeks. It was a devastating time and it led me on a downward spiral with my health and mental state in the months that followed.

Things got worse from there….I developed severe digestive problems like gas, bloating, abdominal pain, constant nausea and one terrible trip to the hospital for an undignified and embarrassing diagnosis of IBS to which I was told “there’s not much you can do about it”. I had zero energy, severe skin issues like facial acne and odd rashes all over my body, hair loss, cracked heels, adrenal fatigue (really low cortisol levels), broken sleep, blurred vision, severe mood swings and anxiety attacks. I dropped weight down to about 57kgs (the lightest I’d been since the age of 17) and I went from being a happy, content mummy and wife to being confused, withdrawn and isolated. I was an emotional train-wreck.

My search for wellness became desperate and I researched everything I could to find out what was going on with my body. I wasted so much money on consultations, tests, remedies and supplements (oh hindsight is a magical thing…..if only I’d listened to my body right in the beginning).

I saw doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths and other “professionals” only to be left even more confused and led down a tonne of different paths, all of which were wrong for me. I was “diagnosed” with gluten and dairy intolerance so immediately took those things out of my diet and saw only minor improvements. Then I cut out processed foods and refined sugars all together and again saw only minor improvements. I trialled the raw food diet but after about day 8 my digestive issues worsened then I tried paleo but I found too much red meat made me constipated and clogged me up for days. I was at the end of myself and with each forkful of food approaching my mouth I was riddled with fearful thoughts…“will this hurt me”, “will this make me worse”.

Friends and family would make comments like “oh…you’re trying this diet now are you?” I’m sure they thought I was obsessed. But to me, they weren’t just fads; they were my search for answers. If one thing didn’t make any improvements to my body I tried the next thing. I just knew my body had the ability to heal itself if I just kept going and didn’t give up – I knew I’d find the right path eventually.

As my search deepened the message that kept coming back to me was “the gut connection”. I was seeing, hearing and reading more and more about the importance of gut health and all the factors that could affect a healthy gut. I knew my years of abusing my body with processed foods, too much sugar, years on the contraceptive pill, antibiotics, steroids, anti-depressants, alcohol and toxicity had made me an ideal host for leaky gut and I truly started to believe that indeed Hippocrates was right when he said that “all disease begins in the gut”.

Since 2012 I’ve learnt so much and l’ve literally transformed my life from the inside out. Now that I’m on the road to healing my gut I feel the best I’ve felt in ages and finally, after years of searching I have found my own unique path to recovery. My symptoms have drastically lessened, I have energy all day long, I sleep soundly, my bowel movements are regular and most importantly my mind functions clearly.

You wouldn’t believe the lengths I’ve gone to all in the name of improved gut health….I’m talking having 8 mercury amalgam fillings removed, having colon hydrotherapy sessions, throwing out all toxic chemicals and learning to make my own household products, making fermented food and drinks (even killing a few kombucha scobys along the way…whoops!), stripping back my pantry of all processed foods, dealing with fears and negative mindsets and literally changing from the inside out. I don’t even recognise this new gutsy mumma I’ve become.

So this website is all about our experiences and new-found knowledge which I share with passion and purpose knowing that there are mums out there just like me who know there is so much more to life then all this crap (literally).

I can’t wait to journey with you and share all that I have learnt.

With love from one gutsy mum to another…

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